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My name is Dilani Rabindran and I am a Consulting Professional primarily focused in the international entertainment and media industries.

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Soon after completing my MBA at McMaster University my lifelong passion for global cinema led me to the Toronto International Film Festival, where I held different roles in Marketing and Financial Analysis, specially focusing on community outreach, and the management of strategic initiative funding, respectively. Soon after joining I was also recruited to assist the festival programming team with the selection of South Asian films for the annual festival in addition to my full time role.

After 4 years with TIFF I moved to India to join National Award winning director M. Manikandan’s new studio - Tribal Arts Productions – in a Marketing position, while also assisting with Production Coordination on his third feature, “God’s Orders”.

It was during this time that I founded Viewfinder Film Consulting, after recognizing the need for a formal voice to speak on behalf of independent South Indian cinema to the world. I have also programmed South Asian films for the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival since 2017 and in 2019 I also joined the Board of Directors for the Regina International Film Festival & Awards.

After returning to Canada to continue running VFC from home in Toronto I joined Bell Media, Canada's premiere multimedia company, as a Strategic Portfolio Manager in their Digital division in 2018. After 1.5 years in that position I moved onto a Senior Account Manager role at Cineplex Entertainment where I currently focus on B2B relationship building for Canada's largest film exhibitor & leading entertainment provider.


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Since 2013 I have also been an avid columnist within the South Asian entertainment space, writing for popular websites such as Behindwoods, and covering topics such as entrepreneurship and travel for other outlets. In 2016 I began hosting the “1 by 2 with dilani_r” podcast series for Indian media company Raaga.com, which returned for a 3rd season in March 2019.

You can also find me partaking in social media campaigns and writing for The MBA Tour, Canadian Tamil Professionals Association, and other non-profit organizations advocating for women in business and entertainment.