Dilani is a woman who would be an asset to any organization and team. In addition to her subject matter expertise, she brings to the workplace leadership qualities, desire for collaboration, and emotional intelligence. Capable of contributing both individually and as part of a team, she can always be counted on to drive the right outcomes while maintaining a positive and supportive work environment.
— Iliana Rocha | Senior Mgr, Digital PMO, Bell Media

An incredible combination of a brilliant mind & endless passion. Dilani could take the most complex operations or problems & distill them down to their core elements translating them into understandable decision points for the wide array of people & personalities around her. 
— Doug Allison | CEO, TIFF

In the past two years our agency has seen her become a powerful influencer in the film industry who advocates for higher education. Her writing skills and use of social media to communicate with audiences has helped our client promote events, reach a new audience and create valuable content. 
— Maria-Teresa Andreacchi | formerly OnQ Comms

She is very bright and keen - willing to contribute and help out wherever she could. She worked very well with others, taking the time to understand stakeholder needs and worked with them to ensure she was able to provide what was needed. 
— Amanda Coolman | former Sr. Mgr of Finance, TIFF

From the moment you meet her you immediately sense how much responsibility you can entrust her with.
— Kristine Estorninos | Toronto Reel Asian Intl Film Festival

Dilani’s aptitude for business is incredible and she is inspirational to those who are lucky enough to work with her.
— Jaspreet Sandhu | Sr. Dir of Loyalty & Engagement, TIFF